Flowers in the rain – Wild Flower Gardening at Hethersett VC Junior School

Saturday 12th November started dry but soon turned damp which is great weather for new plants to slide into a muddy patch with the least shock when transplanted from their former home. The Junior school had a suitable muddy patch with a few scrubby plants some weeds and some self seeded saplings but not a huge amount for wildlife, wild flowers or insects.

All a bit scruffy and lacking Some wildlife friendly planting

Wildlife friendly teacher Paul Mardell had pulled together some keen and enthusiastic, if occasionally horticulturally challenged volunteers to mess around in the mud and rip out the  less wildlife friendly rubbish and planting.

Two of the younger Wildlife volunteers Holly and Frank

The garden wasn’t completely wildlife free and although worms were the most prolific discoveries a common frog and some unidentified beetles also turned up. The beetles were living in some rotten logs which shows the value of these in a garden and why it is important not to be too tidy. New planting was provided by a very generous Andy Panes who had employed his sons to dig up a variety of established plants including field scabious, tansey, knapweed and tussock grass. Thanks to the loan of a trailer by the Brian Starling the plants were swiftly transferred to their new home.

Post Makeover with room for some spring sown wildflowers and maybe a bug hotel
Last of the years flowers on a field scabious which is a fantastic plant for attracting and supporting a huge range of  butterflies and other insects

Whilst the wildlife garden is only just started there are a range of other environmental projects around the school and if you could offer time assistance or useful stuff then please use the contact page on the site. Next possible project for early next year is some management of the schools wildlife pond.

Spot the pond? A worthy project if you want to volunteer?


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