Hethersett Junior – Pond work

Back in November the wild garden was planted and prepared and is now showing signs of being well settled for the spring. The next wild project planned at the time was restoration of the pond dipping pond which had slowly grown into a waterlogged puddle over a decade causing it to look like this:

Pond before

After removing lots of invasive planting and lots of raking sawing cutting and hauling it now looks a bit more like a pond:

A little hard work and the pond reveals itself

The plant life was hauled into a pile and left to ensure any creatures that had accidently been removed had the opportunity to return.

Pile of ex pond plants and a bucket for keeping the residents safe while we worked
Ponds Largest resident a common frog and similar to a number found very pink.
Living alongside the frogs one of several newts active.
eventually 6 newts and 6 frogs were returned to their rather more spacious home.

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