Hethersett Environmental Action Team Facebook Page.

For those readers who are not on facebook or who have not yet discovered the page of the hard working Hethersett environmental volunteers it is available at the following link:

https://www.facebook.com/HethersettHEAT/ All the latest dates in the HEAT calendar are already available on the sightings and upcoming events page (click HERE)

All future HEAT facebook posts will be reproduced on this website for those who do not wish to stray into facebook and to ensure this local team gets maximum publicity for all their good work.


A very fast way to compost garden and kitchen waste is to use hot composting techniques. You can buy a ready made bin such as http://www.hotbincomposting.com. Or you can make your own using pallet wood and polystyrene slabs for example.

HOTBIN compost bins are 32 times faster than cold composting bins and works all year long to provide you with nutrient rich compost in just 90 days.


Thank you everyone who came to the litter pick today; we had 11 participants in total; I will enter us into the Big Pick. Thank you Angela for the photos. The next pick will be on 8 April.


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