New arrivals and close friends

The village swifts arrived a couple of days ago and on Saturday morning I met Anne Edwards who had seen them flying up to traditional nesting sites under her eves. They were not the only nesting birds at Anne’s cottage which also housed a broody woodpigeon some house sparrows and her regular and tame blue tit.

DSC_0010 (3)
Whilst somewhat scruffy and lacking a little more yellow than some of his mates still endearing.

Anne’s great work in terms of providing homes for nature and spending time feeding them is not only a great example to us all. Having spent only a few minutes in her company showed how much pleasure there is to having the birds so close you literally do have them feeding out of the palms of your hand.

Collecting breakfast for hungry offspring

Other residents were just as obliging and came in for something healthy to eat including the ever present Robin and a gloriously cheeky starling.

DSC_0008 (2)
Another ‘star’ling of the backyard gang,
DSC_0016 (2)
Charming Robin

Of course it’s not just great to see the birds coming into feed as Anne also has a nest cam so we can take a peek into the busy and secret world of family life in the bluetit home.

In other news if you have not already seen their facebook page there is plenty of interest and good work going on in the Greening Wymondham site (reach it by clicking on the Bold Text).

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