A Buzz around the village

There has been a buzz of activity around the village of late in a number of ways . The following photo was taken of a local nest box with some non avian inhabitants. The tree bumble bees shown below are one of 24 species of UK bumble bees and there is a handy ID sheet available if you click on the Following Link (click here) provided by the Bumble bee conservation trust.

tree bees
Tree Bumble Bees.

Late Spring is peak swarming time with hives reaching capacity and 20,000 or so worker honey bees will swarm with their queen to find a new home.

Recent swarm at Marlingford with a scout returning having been out to look for a new home from a fortnight ago.
Ready for the off another swarm last week at Great Melton leaving their overcrowded hive.

Bees are not the only busy village residents active in the early spring and last Saturday saw 10 people picking litter last Saturday 20 May, thank you to everyone. If you want to assist these busy bees then the next pick will be on Saturday 1 July starting from the Methodist Church Hall at 10 am.

Lastly another busy resident has been updating their fascinating local website and sharing their experiences with some of the villages threatened and slightly prickly residents so please check out the new Hedgehog diaries on Connie’s site (click here) .

For anyone not yet involved one of the next busy village occasions is the open Gardens and there is still room for volunteers on the day and for garden owners willing to share so please use the contact option on the site if you would like to get involved in this worthwhile and rewarding day.

HEAT open Gardens
Bee there or be somewhere less interesting.

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