Great Melton Farms – A gift to Nature

Anyone who has taken a walk out on the west side of the village can’t help but have noticed a field full of autumn colour. A sunny morning will also bring out several hundred large white butterflies making a quite breath taking scene . The field has been sown specifically to support wildlife and especially birds through the winter by the local farming team. The planting includes millet, buckwheat and oil radish providing the perfect autumn and winter feast for the birds and for the eyes.

Rogue Sunflowers are  dotted about the seed field crops

Great Melton Farms are known for their positive approach to nature and the local community and it is hoped that local walkers and particularly dog walkers will continue to respect the permissive paths provided and clean up their dog waste which is becoming a problem in this area.

Winter seed feed field.png
Location of field and current permissive path (in red).

The local bird life is already being attracted to the seed crop with a recent visit recording the usual wood pigeons, blue tits, great tits. long tailed tits, wrens and robins. Also seen feeding in the field were the rarer  yellowhammer and both linnets and skylarks were also spotted over and nearby. It is anticipated this list will grow as the months move on.

Birthday bird - Geburtstagsvogel (for and by Joe)
Yellow hammer 

As well as the bird life there is plenty of interesting insect life with the late pollen attracting common carder bees and hover flies including the bee mimicking Drone fly.

Drone fly (Eristalis Tenax)
Carder Bee (Bombas Pascorium)

Photo Credit: Insektenflug Flickr via Compfight cc

Along with the the pollen lovers there are all sorts of gardener friendly/farmer friendly insects including a host of seven spot ladybirds, devils coach horse, lacewings and Common darter dragonflies.


Male Common Darter

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