Beckhithe wildlife volunteers

Today saw the first volunteer working party down at Beckhithe Hethersett’s premier County wildlife site. There was a great turnout and after a quick guided tour of the highlights the teams got down to work strimming cutting and fencing. Anne Edwards was on hand to point out the rare and the interesting flora including:

Ragged robin.

Also there were a huge number of  common spotted orchid also greater birdsfoot trefoil, meadow vetchling and  woundwort which we learnt the medicinal value of and a host of others. There was of course plenty of bramble but a bit less by the time we finished.

One of the team of brush cutters giving the wild meadow a chance to come back from under the brambles

The willow by the pond also got a bit of a trim as it and some of the other new trees have started to overwelm the water. The pond is used regularly by the local roe deer to drink as well as by the occasional wandering fox.

Dan letting in a little light into the pond.

There were a few birds about to give some interest including the summer migrant whitethroat as well singing yellowhammer and linnet both doing well after the winterseed crops put down for them last winter by, the owners of Beckhithe, Great Melton Farms.

Yellow hammer singing to the fencing team.
Men at work, the fencing team repairing the boundary fence.

The young volunteers also helped by designing some posters catching some bugs and doing a lot of enjoying nature. Here is their top predator catch of the day.

A face only a mother could love and something either the same as or related to the house spider you would probably evict

Rather than leave the post with an eight legged beast, when the sun came out it brought out the butterflies and moths including ringlets, meadow browns and a few of these drying out their freshly emerged wings.

32384957917_88e6380989_o (1)
Six spot Burnett moth proving moths arent all brown

Photo Credit: lisabaker-richardson Flickr via Compfight cc

Overall a very successful day for the nature and hopefully the volunteers. If you want to get involved keep tabs on the @wildhethersett twitter feed anduse the contact page on this site.

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