First Wild Hethersett Post

This website has been developed to support and inform local residents about local wildlife and environmental issues . The site was in part created as a response to the growing village and the ongoing development of housing and the natural pressure that this will put on local wild space and the creatures that live around us. The South Norfolk Website is a good guide if you are looking to see what impact the new housing will have (all blue text on this site can be clicked on to take you to the relevant web link).


As can be clearly seen on the map from the website There is a big area for development over the next 10 years with over 1200 new homes with many already built on HET4 and the first phase of HET 1 already underway. Perched precariously on the North West corner of HET1 is a small county wild life site called Beckhithe meadow which faces some significant pressure from increased population and will require some safekeeping and local support to protect its valuable wildlife.

There many things that can be done to support local wildlife and much valuable work has already been done by individuals and schools locally to take simple steps to encourage and support wildlife such as by putting up nest boxes, feeders and planting insect friendly plants to increase and support biodiversity. This site is intended to be supportive of such initiatives and provide advice and links to useful resources that can help us all make Hethersett a more wildlife environmentally place for now and for future generations.


Little houses for little critters just one of many things we can do to save and prevent loss of local wildlife. Check back soon for updates on all things bright and beautiful that enrich the village life.