Beckhithe Meadow

Beckhithe Meadow is a county wildlife site (CWS) which is sited to the North of the village and will in a few years time be on the boundary of the latest approved development. Beckhithe is privately owned with no public access but as with all the 1200 plus CWS it provides a valuable refuge for a variety of plants birds and animals.

Beckhithe is the green meadowland at the center of the blue square.
Beckhithe up close, bounded by mixed hedges with mature oaks at its eastern end and a large electric pylon in its middle which should save it from being built on

Beckhithe is a place which would benefit from some careful management which could be provided in part by local volunteers. Use the sites contact page if you would be interested in getting involved in projects whether it was as a keen observer to assist with possible monitoring or bioblitzing or more hands on with some practical management.

Check back on this page and the sightings page for possible future events which could give you the opportunity to get to see some of this sites treasures. In the meantime enjoy the photos of the site taken with kind permission of the owners.

Many residents will recognise the approach to Beckhithe but not so many will realise that the field to the right will be an estate of houses within the decade.
One of the large mature Oak trees on the East end of the Meadow Click on the link here to read about the natural value of these to a wildlife site.
View toward the east end of the meadow the long grasses when managed hide orchids and provide hunting grounds for barn, tawny and little owls. The scrub in the middle of the picture provides nesting sites for whitethroats and yellowhammer but require regular trimming to stop them taking over.
A view south with the pylons that bisect the meadow.