Autumn Work

Autumn is very apparent now in the trees with their browning leaves, the lack of housemartins chittering in the sky above the village. The cedar grange seed crop brings more than a summer hint as the sunflowers are blooming. last weekend saw the first of two work parties at Beckhithe heading down to the meadow … More Autumn Work

Sneak peeks

As we move through summer and the numbers of screaming swifts and chuckling house martins swell above the village, as family groups get ready to head south many of our other garden birds are strangely absent. Adult birds are now moulting their post breeding feathers and tend to be quiet and hide out of the … More Sneak peeks

Well Spotted.

Wild June has brought a few surprises locally  for those out getting their vitamin N(nature) into them. The first one would once have been a common bird locally and around the UK. Unfortunately like many other migrants who spend the winter in sub Saharan Africa is heading towards a terminal decline in the UK. Tracy … More Well Spotted.

Hethersett Walks

With people getting local ‘essential’ daily exercise there are more queries coming to the editors than ever about where to walk and what to look out for, so thought it would be useful to signpost some of the links that are available and map out some permissive paths which have been made available through the … More Hethersett Walks

Trip to Beckhithe

After a recent visit to some of the small ponds around Hethersett by Andy Hind including the small one at Beckhithe I set out to do some prudent trimming before the birds started to do any serious nesting and following guidance by Andy to cut back some of the willow tree at the Pond edge. … More Trip to Beckhithe

In with the new…

A new year is under way and it starts with all those first of the years. For all bird watchers every sighting of a new bird is a first of the year so even the humble wood pigeon is special for at least 30 seconds. An early January stroll around the village soon produced a … More In with the new…